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Stop press… inquiry is halted!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

More than 20 legal and planning professionals from a QC downwards plus at least 40 Pickwick residents assembled in the Council’s chamber yesterday morning for the start of the final act in this seven-year saga.

Many of those present expected to hear that, at last, a final decision would be made over the course of the four day public inquiry. An inquiry that had already been postponed from a hearing originally intended for spring 2019, rearranged for July and then postponed with three working days’ notice.

Until yesterday…

A very interested audience assembled to hear the makings of the final tortuous decision. After legal opening statements on behalf of the three parties (Gladman, Wiltshire Council and the Pickwick Association), third party representations were provided by a number of local residents, and on behalf of Corsham Town Council and the Beechfield Trust – all offering the Inspector convincing reasons why he should reject Gladman’s appeal.

21 July: the date the inquiry is due to resume

After a break for lunch on this – the first day – Gladman astonished the Inspector and everyone else by requesting an adjournment of the entire Inquiry – they needed more time to ‘tweak’ their design of the proposed housing foundations so that they may comply with the requirements of Conditions 22 and 23

Counsel for Wilts Council reluctantly agreed, Counsel for PA did not object and the Inspector, having been placed in an impossible situation, after careful consideration granted Gladman’s request. The inquiry is scheduled to resume on 21 July.

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