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The Coronation

The Coronation of King Charles III in May 2023 was extra special for the residents of Pickwick, as Pickwick had once also been the home of Queen Camilla. During the time that she lived in Middlewick Lane, Camilla Parker-Bowles, as she was known then, was a familiar sight around the area. Queen Camilla was also a founder and a former Chairman of the Pickwick Association.

On the occasion of the Coronation, Pickwick Association Chairman, Chris Johnson wrote to Queen Camilla offering the congratulations of the Association and the residents of Pickwick on their Majesties’ Coronation. We were delighted to receive a handwritten acknowledgment from Queen Camilla, (below).

The celebrations held in Pickwick on the 6th of May included a Tea Party at 9 Woodlands for Woodlands' residents with a very impressive cake, as well as a Street Party in Beechfield for Academy Drive residents. The weather did not entirely reflect the celebratory mood of the occasion but could not dampen the enthusiasm of those attending!

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