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Pickwick Manor

Described as an “unusually impressive example of a late 17th century manor house” by the eminent architectural historian and observer, Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, Pickwick Manor is clearly a particularly significant building and has been an important building in the village since early times.

Pickwick Manor.jpg

The house has 14th to 15th century origins but was mostly rebuilt c.1664 with additions in 1711.


Until the 1880s it was marked on maps as the ‘Pickwick Farm’. It was restored and altered in 1920 by the architect Sir H. Brakspear as his residence.

With thanks to ‘A History of Pickwick and its buildings’ [unpublished] by John Maloney

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Pickwick Manor Report
Documentary research by Louise Purdy

John Maloney has very kindly commissioned a documentary history of Pickwick Manor and its estate to produce an informative report.

Click here to read the report. 

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