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Land North of Bath Road – ‘Origin3’ flyer.

Many Pickwick residents will have received a flyer from a company called ‘Origin3’ regarding a proposal to build housing on the site ‘Land North of Bath Road, Corsham’ – the infamous ‘Gladman Field’ opposite the Catholic Church.

It’s important to note that NO PLANNING APPLICATION has yet been made – this is merely a box ticking exercise by a potential developer to satisfy Wiltshire Council that, in the event that they eventually make a formal planning application, there has been appropriate  ‘community involvement’.

Gladman Developments engaged in a similar exercise with regard to the same site in 2013. As the flyer says, outline planning permission for development on this site was granted – though as long as two years later.  What the flyer does not say is that the application:-

  • was initially refused by Wiltshire Council;

  • was eventually granted only on a ‘conditional’ basis after an appeal;

  • the developer’s second appeal was refused having failed to satisfy the conditions; and

  • the approval then lapsed.

It’s worth noting that the site:-

  • sits entirely over a productive working stone mine;

  • the emerging “Local Plan for Corsham” precludes development here:

  • and designates new sites for housing on the other side of the town.

If you are minded to respond to ‘Origin3’ we strongly suggest you do so by email, rather than through the post. This will ensure you have a copy of your comments. Feel free to copy your response to us – at .

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