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What You Need to Know

The Pickwick Association is dedicated to protecting the character of this Wiltshire village by raising and maintaining the awareness of its history and architecture.

Established in 1989 to promote and carry out any activities to the benefit of the community of Pickwick, the association is open to all residents aged over 18 – you don’t need to complete an application form or pay a subscription to join!

Since it was formed 30 years ago, the association has worked hard to protect the village as far as possible from urbanisation, insensitive development and road traffic.

Its role in protecting Pickwick has helped protect our village from unprecedented development which could have changed its character forever – see development articles.

The association is managed voluntarily by a committee of up to 10 residents elected at the annual general meeting which is normally held in late June.

The committee meets up to seven times a year to focus on issues facing the village such as planning, transport, highways, local history and local authority consultations.

Social events are also organised from time to time, including the annual Summer Cream Team held in one of the village’s gardens.

New members are always welcome – to contribute ideas, to get involved and generally to help raise the profile and protect the character of Pickwick.


Pickwick Association is supported by Corsham Town Council.

Our Committee

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