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Proposed Care Home for Pickwick

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In response to the proposed care home on Bath Road, the Pickwick Association Committee have prepared some guidance notes for residents…

Some residents may have been approached by Dominic Lawson Bespoke Planning. 

According to their website, the company prides itself for ‘the delivery of many hundreds of planning permissions, particularly for residential developments and elderly care homes’.

The company is seeking feedback ‘in lieu of a public consultation event’ on their proposal to construct a care home on land next to 17 Pickwick.

As the proposal is still at the pre-application stage – that is to say that no planning application has yet been lodged with Wiltshire Council and, therefore very limited detail has been made available – our view is that it is a ‘fishing expedition’ to try to find out what the likely objections are so that they can cover all bases when the application is eventually submitted.

The general view of the Pickwick Association is that this site is sensitive as it is partly within the Conservation Area and adjoins Listed Buildings so any proposed development here should be treated with some caution, not least one whose ‘density’ may be questionable.

Similarly any response you may wish to make to Dominic Lawson should best be framed so as to keep your own powder dry and seek information rather than giving much away about any objections you may have.

Objections will best be dealt with when a formal planning application is lodged.

Should you wish to respond, we suggest that you simply say that you object given the nature of the site (if that is your view).

You may also state that there is insufficient information available to enable balance comments to be made and that a proper consultation exercise is needed once the planning application has been submitted.

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