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Community Awards 2023

The Pickwick Association was nominated by Councillor Hopkins for a Community Award.

There were a lot of contenders this year, so unfortunately the Pickwick Association was not among 2023's winners, but we are very proud to have received a nomination.

Councillor Hopkins wrote:

"The Pickwick Association has worked tirelessly fighting significant planning applications - Gladman and Care UK - and has produced the Pickwick- Conservation Area Appraisal.

It would be invidious to single out any individuals, as so many people have been involved in fighting predatory planning applications. The Association managed to build up a level of planning expertise which was frankly stunning, and I learnt a lot from it. In fact, when fighting both appeals, it would have been impossible to succeed without it. The Association not only fired the bullets (in a structured, persuasive, eloquent fashion), but loaded them for others to do the same. Corsham, and especially Pickwick, has been saved as a result.

The creation of the Pickwick - Conservation Area Appraisal took many hours of painstaking

research and writing, and even longer to get it adopted by the powers that needed to. The end result is an impressive document which should not only provide future planning safeguards, but also be an exemplar to the rest of the county of what can - and should - be done.

However, the Pickwick Association's influence doesn't end there: from 'Greening Pickwick' to work on traffic calming, its positive influence stretches beyond just Pickwick."

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Councillor Hopkins for the nomination!

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