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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

In our August Newsletter we reported on the proposal to construct a care home on land next to 17 Pickwick. Public Consultation closes on 5 November so there is time to share your thoughts with Wiltshire Council.

The Pickwick Association committee will meet shortly to establish an Association position and will ensure that a statement on behalf of the Association will be lodged in time.

Meanwhile, residents both of Pickwick and elsewhere are encouraged to make their own independent observations. This is easily done online through the Wiltshire Council website and clicking on ‘Comment on this application’.

A number of local residents and PA committee members facilitated a pre-consultation meeting with two representatives of Care UK on 4 September.

Download PDF • 114KB

An initial skim through the application documents triggers the following observations of what are likely to be the key issues for Pickwick residents and Wilts Council planners:

  • Does Corsham need another care-home?

  • The application contains a very substantial quantity of data that appears to support the claim that it does.

  • Does it have to be in Pickwick, impinging as it does on the Conservation Area?

  • (The owners of) Wadswick Green have outline consent for a 75-bed unit on their site

  • Traffic & transport – a very highly sensitive subject for residents

  • The application includes a highly detailed data-driven 41-page case to support the claim that the home will generate only a tiny marginal amount to existing traffic along the A4. Proximity of entrance to the new home to the top of Priory Street is barely considered.

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