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Care Home Planning Appeal Dismissed!

On Friday 8th April 2022 we heard the good news that the Planning Inspector dismissed Care UK's appeal against Wiltshire Council's refusal of their application to build an 80 Bed Care Home in Pickwick.

An Inspector's decision can only be challenged in the High Court (known as "Judicial Review") - this has to be done within 6 weeks and would be on the basis, for example, that there was a mistake in legal procedures or some vital information was ignored. This seems unlikely in this case.

The Pickwick Association, would like to thank all residents and our Town and County Councillors, who took the time and trouble to write and make their views known, as well as those who spoke so powerfully at the Appeal Hearing.

If you would like to read it, a copy of the decision can be found on the Wiltshire Council website under planning application number 20/08255/FUL.

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