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Planning Application - Land North of Bath Road

Suggested line to take when drafting objection to proposed development – Application Ref PL/2024/05384

A number of residents have asked us to suggest how best to respond to Origin3’s proposal to build 150 houses and a commercial building on land opposite the Catholic Church in Pickwick.

Our view is that it is best to express residents’ concerns (as far as possible) in ‘planning’ rather than emotional terms.

On that basis, we suggest that residents consider responding to Wiltshire Council by drawing on some of the following items, perhaps extracting just those items which particularly concern you and expressing your views in your own way rather than simply adopting a ‘cut-and-paste’ approach: -

  • The site is outside Corsham's Settlement Boundary and development is thus contrary to Wiltshire Council’s Core Strategy and Corsham Neighbourhood Plan Policy.

  • The development will have a significant adverse impact on the Pickwick Conservation Area, the setting of the adjacent listed buildings (Guyer’s House, 52 Pickwick and the Catholic Church in particular) and on the non-designated historic adjacent properties at Guyer’s Cottages, 51 Pickwick and Travellers Rest.

  • The development will have an adverse effect on the character, appearance of the landscape of the site itself, the Corsham Special Landscape Area and on the setting of the Cotswold AONB.

  • Wiltshire has a housing land supply which more than meets its housing requirements without utilising this site. Our Local Plan has already earmarked specific sites south of the town for this purpose.

  • The loss of high-quality agricultural land would be contrary to the requirement that such land should be protected from non-agricultural development.

  • The site is within a mineral safeguarding area and its development would be contrary to policy.

  • Traffic - the construction of 150 houses and 16,684 square feet of Class E buildings will significantly worsen the existing traffic capacity issues identified in both the Wiltshire Core Strategy and the Corsham Neighbourhood Plan.

  • Development would Impact on Bath and Bradford Bats Special Area of Conservation and Corsham Batscape Strategy.

The Planning Application reference is PL /2024/05384 and the deadline for objections is 17/07/2024.

We encourage residents to make their feelings known to the local authority: the more Wilts are aware of local feelings the better.

You can make your comments through the Wiltshire Council’s website by either scanning the below code with your camera and clicking on the link, or by clicking here

Pickwick Association

July 2024



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