Proposed Development in Pickwick

The Marathon Drags on – an update

It’s well over six years since Gladman early in 2013 launched their opportunist proposals to put 150 houses and 2 office blocks on this grade-two agricultural site opposite the Catholic Church north of the A4 in Pickwick. 

And still the poker game – to outwit and outspend any and all opposition to their plans – rolls on…

The latest twist involved the postponement – with only three working days’ notice – of the four-day Public Inquiry scheduled to take place at the beginning of July. We’d been working on getting all our evidence, witnesses and legal advisers since the previous October. The Inquiry is to enable the Planning Inspector to decide on the merits and legal compliance of Gladman’s three latest appeals against Wiltshire Council’s repeated refusal to approve their proposals.  All the extensive, and costly, preparation by the Council and the Association had to be summarily suspended and put on ice due to the Inspector becoming unwell.

The process has now been re-scheduled with the Public Inquiry planned to resume on Tuesday 14 January 2020.

In the meantime…

(a) the appeal will now be decided by a different Inspector from the one who had previously been fully briefed (at significant, costly input from the Council’s and PA’s teams) for the postponed July hearing and

(b) the (new) Inspector is to hold a one-day Pre-Inquiry Meeting with all parties in barrister’s chambers in London on 30 October to establish the legal issues involved.  David Taylor and Tony Clark will attend – but purely as observers.

The Pickwick Association will continue vigorously to support the Council in defence of this unwarranted and entirely speculative appeal.

David Taylor

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